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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 27, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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my eye. >> okay. >> here's the news. that's it for "special report" fair, balanced and unafraid. greta is on the record right now. senator lindsey graham says president obama is basically inkpe when it comes to foreign policy. in today's news from around the world it's adding fuel to the fire from the president's critics. a year ago president obama called isis jv and today isis is threatening to behead two hostages. there's more. in isis latest video message isis is threatening president obama directly naming him. the sergeant bo bergdahl controversy is heating up. he's been charged with desertion. >> no decision has been made with respect to the case of sergeant bergdahl. none.
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and there is no time line to make that decision, and general millie is not being put under any pressure to make a decision. i think it is extraordinarily premature for anybody to say that they know what general millie is going to decide and when he's going to decide it. >> there's more. remember back in september when president obama cited yemen as a successful partner in our fight against terrorists? well, fast forward to two days ago. president obama admitting yemen is a dangerous country. so why is the u.s. releasing detainees to yemen's neighbors. senator lindsey graham joins us. good evening senator. >> thank you. >> any successes in foreign policy from the president? >> yeah, i think the decision to go after bin laden in pakistan was a courageous decision. so many things could have gone bad. he was viewed as a jimmy carter type figure. i give the president high marks for the operation to go into pakistan to get bin laden.
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>> how about the swap for sergeant bergdahl for five taliban? >> a bad decision. if he had been a medal of honor winner i would not have done the deal with the five taliban. the reason i'm so frustrated is our military leaders said you need to leave a residual force behind in iraq. we fought very hard. bush made a lot of mistakes but he did self-correct. no i'm not going to leave anybody behind. that war is behind us. he was told three years ago by his national security team, mr. president, you need a no fly zone in syria. you need to train the syrian army so they can take it to assad. no. isil was a direct result of that decision to let syria become basically a vacuum for that. isil is a result. not leaving anybody behind which allowed al qaeda to flourish and creating a situation in syria where the vacuum was filled by terrorists. also, his decision in yemen to
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just rely on drones hasn't worked out very well. >> all right. let me go back to isis. you said a year ago jv. this is long after he decided not to leave a recity sid dual force. i don't mean to keep pounding him about it. but it shows to me it was already evident because they had already taken fallujah at that point. he's calling it jv. >> i think he tries to under estimate that, you know, marginalize the threats and oversell the successes. bin laden is dead but al qaeda is not decimated. the biggest mistake is yet to come. if we continue on the path we are with the iranians. they'll wind up with a nuclear capability like north korea and one day have a bomb. he's about to make the biggest mistake of this presidency. that is allow a nuclear capability, thousands of centrifuges to be operated by the iranians to be overseen by the united nations. the only difference will be the u.n. that did not work in north korea. it will not work in iran. i really believe the biggest mistake is to come and that's
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the iranian nuclear program and his decision to withdraw all of our troops by 2017 in afghanistan is literally insane in light of iraq. all of his military commanders are saying you should not set a date for withdrawal, you should withdraw based onç conditions. and finally to release people out of gitmo in this environment, to let people from gitmo out of jail not transferring them to another jail just let them go is insane given what's going on in the world. >> will you give him credit for bin laden, we all do. >> yes. >> is there anything besides bin laden? everything else you called insane. >> i think going into libya and stopping gadhafi from destroying benghazi was a good decision, but he did not follow up. >> today we have terrorism at hotels. >> follow up. the militia filled the vacuum that was created in libya. you've got to stay with it mr. president. when the military tells you something, general obama has a very bad track record when it comes to making military
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decisions. he's overruled his generals on four separate occasions. every time he's done so it's blown up in our face, not just his face. so, yes, i think he has been incompetent on foreign policy. the worst is yet to come with iran. >> thank you senator. president obama, secretary of state john kerry, they won't say it. islamic radicalism, what's up with that. republicans and some democrats are outraged. >> what this white house is very clear about is that the world is not at war with islam. >> why can't they say the words islamic extremism? >> i'm not certain i've got a good explanation for it. >> obviously the biggest error we could make is to blame muslims collectively. >> this is an ideology founded in a radical version of islam. it's fundamentally opposed to our way of life. >> we simply do not believe, chuck, that they should somehow be seen as representatives of islam. >> this would be as if ronald regan wouldn't have used the
quote quote
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word communism. an iraq war veteran and democratic representative from the great state of hawaii gabbard joins us. >> aloha. >> why won't the president say islamic extremism? >> the first thing we have to understand, it's not just about words, it's not about semantics, it's about having a real true understanding of who our enemy is and how important that is. that we have to understand what their motivation is and what their ideology of this radical islamic ideology that's fueling them. a couple of days ago secretary kerry said in a speech that isis and al qaeda are engaging in, quote, criminal conduct rooted in alienation poverty thrill seeking and other factors. now if we really look at what he's saying and if that's really the cause, then the solution would be to give them a trophy give them a hug, give them a good paying job, $10,000 and a skateboard so they can go and get their thrills and say, okay,
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great. they're going to be happy and they won't be fighting anymore. that's not the case. unfortunately we have people who are living in poverty all around the world, people who have this same feeling of alienation from their government but they're not terrorists. so we've got to look at what their ideology is and how that's fueling these tragic attacks that keep occurring. >> do you think that your strong view on this is because you actually went to iraq and you've actually seen it? i mean, the rest of us, including president obama, secretary kerry we're sort of on the sidelines looking at it. you were actually there. >> yes, it does. and it comes from experiencing not only the culture myself personally but also seeing the incredibly high cost of wars. seeing friends of mine who did not make it home people who i served with in iraq and unfortunately the countless other lives who sacrificed and paid that price. >> when the president won't say
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islamic extremism, he doesn't know who the enemy is? is that it? i don't get this one. >> i think in my opinion it really is not recognizing that islamic extremism is the enemy. we can see that through their actions, through the decisions that this administration has made and libya is a perfect example where if you don't know who your enemy is, you end up going to war with people who are not your enemy. in libya we had a situation where gadhafi was taken out. we attacked libya and we look now rather than eliminating our enemy, these islamic extremists, they're stronger there now than they were before. and there are other examples. we look at the proposed attacks on syria that occurred just over a year ago. again, we're dealing with a situation where this is not our enemy, this is not the people who are threatening the ame people. >> so it really -- so this isn't just a spat between a lot of republicans and of course you shared the view the word game. this is a real problem, a real
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failure to confront who the enemy is. >> it's a real problem because of a simple reason actually. that is something i learned as military 101 but something that's easy for everyone to understand and that is if you are at war, which we are, you have to know who your enemy is in order to defeat them. you've got to recognize what's fueling them, what's motivating them, what are their strategies and tactics that they're using in order to be able to defeat them and prevent them from attacking the american zbleem congresswoman, nice to see you. thank you for your service. like i said you were there, the rest of us weren't. >> thank you. >> today the gloves were on in the benghazi hearing. congressman gaudy accusing the obama administration of slow walking documents. here he is blasting the administration. >> time is of the essence. the world is not a safer place as some of you may have noted even this morning. it is not safer than it was in 2012. >> the chairman would have everybody believe that they've been begging for documents from
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day one, you've been stone walling them, that's the only reason we can't proceed. >> compliance with congressional inquiries is important. if you have time for culinary diplomacy, you have time to comply with a legitimate request for documents. >> rather than blaming federal agencies we can acknowledge that the reason for delay lies in the committee's own actions. the fact is that the committee waited six months before sending its first requests for new documents. six months. >> and, frankly, it should not take a public hearing to make progress on these requests. >> entering our political panel john mccormick and the washington post, aaron blake. john, first to you. there's a lot of complaints to democrats that everything had been turned over in the bens investigation today. according to chairman gaudy, 15,000 new documents 25rks,000 other documents that have been turned over to house oversight with less redaction. they finally got some from the ia.
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does that mean we're going learn something new? >> we hope so. this is the whole reason why the story isn't over. they've said after they've issued the report there's nothing to see here. they've cleared the cia of wrongdoing. the document shows this. even 1/3 of people on the ground -- trey goudy wants to hear about it. that can be interesting to hear. i think that will be interesting. >> aaron, one of the things that the ranking member said today is he's had secret meetings with witnesses that he hasn't been privy to. do you have any information on that? one of the things that chairman goudy promises, transparency. if he's not letting everybody in on it, or maybe he is. i don't know. >> this is kind of predictably
4:12 pm
devolved into partisanship. this panel has founded in contrast to the previous panel. the oversight committee, which has handled this in the past. they said nice things about each other. they said this was not going to devolve into partisanship. it didn't devolve into grandstanding. the republicans say basically this is how things are done. all committees work this way. democrats don't have to be in on our meetings. they point out the democrats have not called their own witnesses on this panel so they kind of contend that democrats aren't interested in being part of this. >> there's a letter written by chairman goudy to ranking member cummings and everybody releases the letters. chairman gaudy said this isn't, sir, what we're talking about in private. it seems like there's a separate battle that at least cummings started in public. >> this is where it's requesting to go from now on. i think democrats are emboldened by the house intelligence committee report. >> i would be emboldened if there are 15,000 new documents
4:13 pm
and 25,000 more redacted. my first question i thought, holy cow what else is there? >> we also know there are some things from that previous report did not cover. for example, steve hayes and tom jocelyn reported in our magazine "the weekly standard" that people on the ground said they were given a stand down order. we don't know where that came from originally. the house intelligence report completely glossed over that fact. we need to hear from these guys that were there. >> the obama administration said they would cooperate, they went up and down. now we have 15,000 new documents and 25,000 more that have been redacted and the cia has finally turned over. that doesn't look like transparency to me and cooperation. i'll take the last word on that. gentlemen, nice to see you. today a defiant speaker of the house john boehner defending his controversial invitation to prime minister benjamin netanyahu. last week speaker boehner invited israeli prime minister to washington without consulting the white house. >> the house of representatives
4:14 pm
is an equal branch of the government and we had a right to do it and we did it. and i'm frankly proud of the fact that the prime minister has accepted our invitation and will be here on march 3rd to talk to the members of congress about the serious threat that iran poses and the serious threat radical islam. >> sen torn rand paul joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. thanks for having me. >> thank you for joining us. now do you agree with speaker boehner, that he has a right to do that? secondly, is it okay in your mind that he didn't consult the white house before inviting the prime minister? >> well, you know absolutely. we are a co-equal branch of government, and the speaker's in charge of inviting folks to speak. it's only usually given to leaders and heads of state. benjamin netanyahu's been here before. i can't understand why it would be a controversy other than maybe the president is acting a bit pet two lent over this
4:15 pm
because he wasn't consulted. it looks childish that he's going to make a big stink oh, now i won't meet with an ally -- the head of state of an ally when he comes to washington because i wasn't consulted. it's almost like where you sit on the plane, whether you get in the front side of the plane or back side of the plane. it's a little bit inconsequential i think. >> it seems that the president and prime minister netanyahu have a rather chilly relationship. in november 2011 if you remember president obama got caught on a hot mic speaking with president sarkozy of france and speaking in an insulting way towards the prime minister. of course this last fall there was a rather insulting remark by chicken something in reference to prime minister netanyahu. so it seems like they have a rather chilly relationship at best. rather insulting remarks from our president. >> you would think this would be a chance for the president to make amends you know about those remarks that were made by someone in the administration. so, yeah and israel's an
4:16 pm
important ally. i don't understand why he would refuse to meet with him other than just sort of being, like i say, petulent or childish about not being consulted. >> prime minister netanyahu's critics object to him coming to the united states to address congress saying that it is a political stunt because he has mid-term elections in israel. what do you think about that about, you know what is his motive for coming here? >> well, i'm not sure what his motives are other than that we have a big controversy, you know, in our country about whether to do more sanctions, not do more sanctions and people do ask what our allies think about this because it affects not only allies in the middle east but we have other allies that have been part of the sanctions coalition that this affects as well. i think we should listen to some of the statements and opinions of our allies. ultimately we make our own decision in our own interests, but i think in this case we can and should listen to others.
4:17 pm
>> should president obama -- so should president obama bury the hatchett hatchett, so to speak and meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu even though he's annoyed by speaker boehner for not informing him? >> i think if the president wants to look like an adult in the room and wants to be part of the adult conversation, yeah, absolutely, they should never have brought this up at all. it looks childish not to meet with netanyahu when he comes and so hopefully the president will get over his piqueteak over this. it doesn't look well or represent the presidency well to behave that way. >> what do you expect to hear from the prime minister when he's here? >> you know his concern are the wars that rage all around them and, you know, i've been to israel and they're very close to all of these wars that rage. you know, i think it's important to hear their perspective, and i think that's the main thing i would guess he would talk about. >> senator thank you for joining us. nice to see you, sir.
4:18 pm
>> thanks greta. and straight ahead, just when you thought you knew every single reason to hate the irs, +lihidut@jin$7w=iza4/kc]!?p13pou%?wor "s done it to you. you are not going to like this. frankly, i don't. that's next. plus new york city may have doned a bullet. did you see long island boston, nantucket? travelers still stranded. live team coverage of the winter storm that won't quit coming up.
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guess who the irs just hired with millions of your tax dollars? the same company the government fired after it botched and bungled the
4:22 pm
website. remember this? >> as of 8:00 a.m. today the obamacare is open for businesses. >> pretty rocky. >> you might have suspected this one, a whole new set of problems for the obamacare website. >> jay carney won't tell the press corps when it knew it had been tested. they built the obama care website. >> it is a catastrophe. >> so tell me, in a million years would you hire those guys as a company? representative peter roscom is demanding answers. thank you for joining us. >> thank you greta. >> why did the irs hire this company? >> i have no idea. it's completely ridiculous. you'd think with all of the back experience, the disappointment on the fact that they were fired from massachusetts and from vermont it is just right out of central casting you know, in terms of a caricature of an agency that would do such a thing. we've asked and we'll get some
4:23 pm
answers from the internal revenue service as to what their thinking was but it wasn't solid thinking. >> how did you find out about this? >> we found out about it through some press reports and then ultimately reached out and we fired a letter off to the commissioner of the irs and have demanded this information and the irs issued a statement that basically said, look we've got this background and they've done good work for us in the past. i just don't think that's incredibly satisfying? >> they were part of the brigham young galling of health >> this is part of where this company was entrusted with millions of dollars and completely failed, and failed at an epic level. we're not talking about missing a deadline, we're talking about the failure of the rollout of one of the biggest domestic programs in our lifetime so the idea that they should be rewarded with another contract is ridiculous. >> is this an american company? >> no, it's a canadian company to my knowledge. >> so we're hiring another
4:24 pm
country's company who has previously made a mess of our and so now we're rewarding them with another contract by the irs? >> yeah. that's called being tone deaf and unaware. >> actually to me i think it's sort of -- it's almost stealing that the irs would take taxpayer money to do this. it is so bloody inconsiderate and stupid. >> there is just a massive disconnect now between how the irs is generally understands that they're perceived by the american public and there's -- it's simply got to be stopped. >> the commissioner he seems like a nice fellow. i've seen him testify a number of times. he says he wants to clean it up and do all of these things but why are we still doing this? >> there's no excuse for it in my view. their first response was we have this background, that they have -- >> they have experience? >> yeah, apparently they've had a contract in the past with the internal revenue service and be the irs has been satisfied with it. i don't see how that stands any level of skrut any when push
4:25 pm
comes to shove because to be absolutely responsible for a failure not just at but also in massachusetts and also in vermont means basically you're out of the pool. you don't get to be consideredç anymore when you fail at that level. >> even giving it the best possible spin let's say it's a great company had one blunder that was a big one is that like you know, why -- i mean just think, what does it tell the taxpayers, the american people? it's such a -- >> no, it's a huge set back. what we're demanding is, you know, show us the requests for -- the request for proposals, show us the bidding contracts, show us the background in terms of how this decision was made because that's what the american public wants to know. >> most american people are thinking time to clean house. this is like enough. congressmen, thank you, sir. >> thanks greta. straight ahead, the blizzard of 2015 may have fizzled for some but nor for all. from the skies to the rales travel is still a big mess
4:26 pm
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wow, talk about a reality show. love the inside story.
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plus, snomagedden hits new york city. that and much more next factor. this is a fox news alert. the blizzard of 2015 slamming boston. it is not over yet, and it gets worse. major flooding more snow still targeting massachusetts making travel dangerous and nearly impossible. it's not just new england. still reeling from the winter storm, parts of new york trying to dig out and stranded airline passengers coast to coast. we have live team coverage from the hardest hit places. we begin with fox news correspondent molly line live in
4:30 pm
boston. molly. >> reporter: hi, greta. you know the big news right now at this hour is that at midnight, just a few hours from now, governor baker announced that the travel ban that is still in place in eastern massachusetts will be lifted so people will once again be able to get on the roads. that gives the plow drivers and the folks that are trying to get the snow off of the roads just a few more hours to have them all to themselves. you can see they've done an incredible job. enormous mounds of snow piled up all across boston. the same sight seen at towns and communities over the state. in western and central massachusetts they got more. here in boston, 20 inches. out there 40 minutes away from the city 35 inches. i counted more than a dozen communities in the state that got over 30 inches of snow. there are plenty of others that got over 20. you mentioned some of that coastal flooding. that's a big issue happening here. one of the big towns we've been watching is scituate. they've had an inch in some places several in the others.
4:31 pm
and a sea wall breach in marshfield. >> any idea what's going on on nantucket? any update on that? >> really an incredible story out there. they literally knocked everybody out of power on the island of nantucket. as of this afternoon they were saying they felt pretty good about possibly being able to get people back online in 24 hours. they made some progress. they were out of power on nantucket and cape cod hit pretty bad. it had been up to 36,000. now it's closer to around 20,000 people. they're making some progress. frankly, greta it's still snowing at this point in time. >> molly, back to you. while new york city got lucky, real lucky it was spared the worst of that blizzard, but long island, not so lucky. it got slammed with about two feet of snow. fox news correspondent rick leventhal is live in union dale. rick. >> reporter: greta forecasters
4:32 pm
were wrong about new york city but they were absolutely right about long island which took it right on the chin according to new york governor andrew cuomo. this area got about 18 inches of snow in central nassau county. you combine that with the high winds and bitter cold it made driving treacherous. it was still very icyç with layers of snow and ice and the blizzard brought greater misery to the east end. the town of orient on the north fork got at least 2 1/2 feet of snow. most of suffolk county was blanketed in 17 to 24 inches of the dry drifting snow including the hamptons which prompted the governor to re-allocate 77 plows and hundreds of assets to help speed the recovery. despite the lifting of the driving ban in new york, new jersey officials were still encouraging people who were digging out their cars not to drive them. the roads were so dangerous. the governor of connecticut said there were 15 accidents during the storm. he said there would have been hundreds and hundreds if they
4:33 pm
hadn't closed the roads. greta, it is 24 degrees tonight but it feels like 10 and they say the temperature will remain below freezing for at least the next week or so. this snow and ice isn't going anywhere for a while. >> wow. anyway, rick, thank you. so what dangers is the storm still posing? why did the northeast dodge a bullet. let's go to fox news meteorologist janice stein. are they in the recovery phase? they don't have power, they have flooding and lots of problems. is the storm at least almost over? >> it is. folks in boston are getting more bands of snow as you saw molly line reported. we still have more of the system to move northward and bring perhaps 6 to 12 inches to maine. but look at these snowfall totals, greta. it's unfortunate because i think the headline has been new york dodged a bullet when really we got the forecast snowfall totals we were looking at for massachusetts as well as
4:34 pm
connecticut and new york, close to three feet. when all is said and done, we will have snow totals of over three feet. you mentioned nantucket. over hurricane force winds for a period of three or four, even six hours. so that caused major problems there. block island 53 miles per hour. so it was an event and it continues to unfold. there's the satellite radar imagery. boston still getting the back side of this storm system up towards maine and we're still getting some heavy snow totals. 6 to 12 inches along the coast line here that have already been battered by close to 2 or 3 feet. up towards maine again. the worst of the storm will pull into canada within the next 12 to 24 hours. we're still dealing with blustery conditions. as rick leventhal mentioned, the snow is still on the ground with wind gusts of 36 miles per hour. the cold temperatures incredible over the next at least seven days with overnight lows in the single digits. that's not counting the wind
4:35 pm
chill where it will be below zero, greta. >> janice, thank you. straight ahead, president obama tried but he could not get the job done. but now a republican congressman representative aaron shack he got it done. so what did the congressman do that the president could not? the congressman is here to tell you next. plus, the countdown is onto the super bowl. tonight there is brand-new information about the bizarre deflate-gate. the latest plus former nfl star clinton tortoise is here. coming up. oy that second home sooner. know the right financial planning can help you save for college and retirement. know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience with personalized guidance and online tools. visit a branch, call or go online today.
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i just got back from a trip to myanmar. he was there to help free a peace activist. a job president obama couldn't get that done. 17 years in a brutal burmese prison. that's the penalty the doctor was supposed to pay for a crime he never committed. >> many people have tried requested for my release but it didn't happen. >> congressman aaron shocken on
4:40 pm
the record went to myanmar in southeast asia and now after serving two long years in prison, the doctor is a freeman. >> it's very unusual. such a big man from the u.s. congress. to come for my release. >> back in summer 2012 brutal violence breaks out between muslims and buddhists in the country and the doctor is convicted of inciting riots. his daughter and numerous eye witnesses say that the doctor was actually there to stop the violence. >> was he part of the demonstrations? >> no. >> not at all? >> not at all. he was with the apologies actually. >> the chaos killing 300 people and leaving nearly 150,000 innocent civilians suddenly homeless. months after the violence peaked in 2012 myanmar received a
4:41 pm
special visitor. president obama visiting the country making his move to get myanmar's government to release its political prisoners. >> hundreds of prisoners of conscious have been released and forced labor have been banned. >> but the doctor didn't get his freedom. the activist spending more than 2 more years in prison after the president's visit. >> he hasn't done anything wrong. >> finally justice for the doctor and his family. after years behind bars the peace activist walks free. >> i am very grateful, very grateful and very -- i appreciate it very much for the effort. >> and representative aaron shack joins us. fun when it turns out right, isn't it? >> happy ending. >> why this man? why did you travel halfway around the world to help this man? >> our office has been involved in human rights issues around the world. i had the idea a little over a year ago, sat down with my staff and said let's pick one of these
4:42 pm
wrongfully imprisoned people in the world and let's just make a concerted effort and try and get him out. we began working every angle that we could. got in touch with the prague freedom foundation and some business men that were doing work in myanmar that could put us in touch with the right individuals. this was a team effort. it was a lot of ngo groups, amnesty international and others that have been working on this for years. we're excited that our efforts paid off. >> president obama tried in november of 2012. we heard the tape. he was there again in november of 2014, a couple months ago. and did he try then in this recent november? why didn't he get him out? >> well, i'm not going to speak for the myanmar government. i will say not just the president but our state department, our ambassador has been on this case for quite some time. i think part of what we have to consider is some of these governments who have wrongfully imprisoned people are looking for a politically palatable way to let them out.
4:43 pm
they're looking not to be overtly pressured not to be kind of beat over the head by the great united states of america but, rather, in the case of this gentleman they knew he shouldn't be in prison certainly not for 17 years and after having spent two years agreed to release him to me when i was over there. we want myanmar to move into the 21st century, want them to become a democracy. in order for them do that and us to lift the sanctions against them, they can't have people wrongfully held in prison and he was one of them. >> it was wonderful that they released them. the day that i left i read that the military was accused of rapg and killing two baptist missionaries. it was a nice gesture to the united states, but there's a lot going on in that country. >> right. well, i mean, look, we -- you know, they have a lot of work to do. this is a country who is ruled by military leaders and is getting ready to have their democratic elections later this year. it's why the president has made
4:44 pm
two trips there in the last couple of years and, you know, i think there can be a lot of good done for humanity there if they truly embrace democracy, enforce the rule of law, allow for freedom of speech and freedom of religion. that was the message i took to the leadership. >> what did they say he did? >> he was originally accused of inciting violence but all of the witnesses and -- that's why he was thrown in prison for 17 years, which even by u.s. standards, 17 jeersyears is a long time for inciting violence. he was there for calming violence. if you talk to the man he's the most peaceful guy in the world. it's clear he was wrongfully accused. >> you if go to greta on itunes zinmar, at 22 she was handing out pro democracy leaf lets. she got sentenced to prison for 28 years she served 12 years 9 in solitary confine zblmt what
4:45 pm
country was that? >> in burma. myanmar. sometimes we forget how good we have it. >> we should refocus our efforts. i know the president was leaving india and going to saudi arabia. there's a lot of countries we have relationships with who keep political prisoners and people who have the religious believes in prison simply for the beliefs. we need to double down our efforts to get those people out that are wrongfully held. >> congratulations. you and a couple of others. >> good to be with you back in the united states. >> that was a coincidence we were in the same place. thank you, sir. >> thank you. straight ahead, just when you think you've heard it all, brand-new twist in deflate-gate. former nfl star is here nicks.
4:46 pm
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only five days until the super bowl and the plastic is in deflate-gate. yesterday fox reported that the nfl is talking to a patriots locker room attendant. the attendant took already inspected footballs to another area before the game and then today pro football talk reporting that another area where the attendant took the two bags of footballs is actually a small bathroom and surveillance shows he only stayed in the bathroom for about 90 seconds. so tonight more questions and more mystery. joining us is clinton portis. clinton, i have a question. could i deflate 11 footballs in 90 seconds in a bathroom? do you think i could?
4:51 pm
>> if you're experienced in deflagt them you can. >> what's your throughout on the whoa deflategame? >> if you look at it the first half where they were supposedly deflated the second half where they had normal balls out, 28-0. if you were the indianapolis coach, you wish they would have played with deflated balls the entire point. >> that's a good point. but the whole idea is to win fair and square, and if this was deflated, you know intentionally, that's not fair and square. that's a whole other issue don't you think? >> i just don't think those balls had anything to do with the outcome of the game. you know whether it was fair or not and what advantage do the balls actually give you, we will never know. but having a deflated football, you still have to go out and
4:52 pm
execute, you still have to go out and tackle you still have to go out and kick. they weren't able to. i think this is what new england wants. >> okay. explain to me this. who checks the football and how soon before the game usually? >> i'm not sure. you know i think this is an issue that's just coming up. i'm sure it will be addressed at the owners' meeting. whoever does it, they didn't check to make sure there was enough air. if you want to look deep into this the person you need to question is the center. that's the person who touches the ball every play. the center would know if the ball is underinflated. the first person you talk to is the center and nobody has mentioned his name. >> why doesn't the nfl or ref's provide the balls? why do the teams provide the
4:53 pm
balls? >> i'm sure from now on they will. once they check the balls from this point on the referees will keep the balls in their possession just to avoid this in the future. >> they say the attendant took the 12 footballs into the bathroom for about 90 seconds. what kind of -- we call him an attendant. what is his likely called? who on the football team is handling all the footballs like that? >> listen. if a guy that small enough on the totem pole is brave enough to interfere with a game, that's hard to understand. i really find it hard to believe that no one in this organization knew about it. now, whether they could do it, we will never know. >> maybe it was -- i mean if it was done intentionally, it might have done before the attendant ever had the balls. the plot thickens.
4:54 pm
clinton, who's going to win this sunday? >> well i really think the patriots did this just to distract us and the media and everybody to get everybody talking about it and really take pressure off of their game plan. you know they're going to come off with great scheme for this seattle team, but i love the way marshawn lynch is playing right now and i like the seattle seahawks. >> that's my alma mater. >> south carolina wolf pack. >> he started there. ended up in wisconsin. clinton, thank you. >> thank you, greta. coming up, i'll tell you what i think of deflate gate off the record, of course. that's next. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved
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i was off last week and missed the deflategate. then i heard it was a deflated story.
4:59 pm
i think it's an important story. i don't know about you. i like to look up to professional athletes. it takes a lot to accomplish what they do and years of hard work. now i don't like what i'm seeing. i mostly blame the nfl. they are dropping the ball. it sure looks like they try to sweep things under the rug. you remember the ray rice incident in tell vater. they just looked the other way. there's more. but deflategate, that's the most recent. i don't know if the patriots cheated or not, but what kind of message is the nfl sending the american people by slow-walking the investigation and waiting until after the super bowl. the nfl doesn't rock their big munday, right? that's lousy. they could get to the bottom of this deflategate right fast. while i'm at it. what is this about the nfl being tax-exempt. what they don't have to pay, you have to pay. don't tell me the nfl can't pay
5:00 pm
taxes. that has al sharpton written all over it. that's my "off the record" comment tonight. thanks for being with us. good night from washington. see you tomorrow. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> i can go in cognito. i'm going to jump into this race. incognito for me mean nos makeup. >> it can't be met because met ran and failed. he failed. >> the presidential race off to a very early and flamboyant start. tonight we'll analyze the contenders, and charles krauthammer will make a prediction. michael moore now bringing jesus into the "american sniper" debate. very disturbing. we'll tell you what's going on. also ahead, is it legal for a minnesota school district spending thousands of


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